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Folder Belts

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    Folder Belts
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We use modern methods to produce our belts. With vulcanized molding, the belts come out in one piece without sewn connections

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TRULY ENDLESS, no splice and no seam!
We use modern methods to produce our belts. With vulcanized molding, the belts come out in one piece without sewn connections, which ensures that the belts are seamless. Our belts are more scuffed and heat resistant and more durable than belts that are connected with glue.
AoLida supplies three different types of coating beltsTiming Belt, Flat Belts and Poly V Belts.

Flat Belts


These endless friction belts are used in high - performance feeders (eg. Bobst, Jagenberg, Tanabe) 
for paper, cardboard and plastic. In addition to folder/gluer machines, many letter sorting machines
(i.e. NEC, Siemens, Wincor) use vacuum feeder belts.

1. All the belts can be processed according to the customer’s specfic requirements, ie:

AoLida belt can be vulcanized 40 hardness to 60 hardness wear-resisting rubber,

supplies different colors for coating.


Vacuum holes/millings/grooves alongside or lateral.

Structures fine/coarse on surface.

2. AoLida belt widths can be adjusted based on customers request or a full sleeve can be offered.

3. For particular belt specifications, please provide a sample or drawing.  


Contact us to get more informaiton TEL:+86-15913185327 

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