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T-max530 59CC117641 0000

T-max530 59CC117641 0000

Product Abstract:

Resistant oil and heat Smooth running Long service life Crack Resistant

Product Description

T max-530 Varato OEM size 31.2*16*908mm for 59cc117641 0000  Kevlar Quality for 2012-2016 Model.


They are made strong through thorough production proceesses. They are optimised for high-speed Scooters.



Resistant oil and heat  

Smooth running      

Long service life 

Crack Resistant 


1. AoLida supplies more than 1,000 different sizes for motorcycle v belts .

2. AoLida supplies Chloroprene rubber and Kevlar rubber for Motorcycle Belts

3. For particular belt specifications, please provide a sample or drawing. 


Contact us to get more informaiton TEL:+86-15913185327 chen_aldbelt@hotmail.com 

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